Moving out

I’m leaving my address here at 1 Fjorda Road. The kind of stuff that used to appear here will now be appearing at the Pot Shots tag on “Nothing to see here. Move along.”


Happy birthday, V’ger Jr.

Of course, it’ll take until tomorrow for Voyager 2 to hear me, since it’s several billion miles away.

Are we winning yet?

The Bush administration’s view is that we can’t leave Iraq until we’ve achieved victory. Is this what winning looks like?

Moment of Zen

Money and happiness

9 out of 10 Americans agree?

What in the hell is wrong with 1 out of 10 Americans that they think texting while driving is okay? These people need to be shot.

If you’re going to rob a bank…

don’t forget a bag for the cash!

What I learned from VH-1

I don’ wanna be a rock star no more