Idiotic poll

CNN has a rather idiotic poll going on right now.
Q: Which do you think is the worst case Iraq scenario?
A1: Iraq as a terror base
A2: U.S. troops there long-term
A3: Wider regional violence

There is no option for the rather obvious “all of the above”.

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  Laura wrote @

Ha, that is rather idiotic. Maybe CNN is trying to predict the future, based on polling, as an attempt to be ahead of the curve coverage-wise. And, if polling was a reliable indication of what will happen in the future, perhaps then we should be thinking “GENIUS!” Somehow, I do not think that is the case.

  esai wrote @

cnn is so blatently built on nationalistic propaganda it gives me the fantods. did you see their promotion of their ‘climate of fear’ special? at first glance i thought maybe they were going to expain how theyve systematically turned the american populace into a horde of terrified sheep. then i figured out it was actually a show about the fallacy of global warming! gahhh!!! … i cant say i understand why, exactly, i was surprised.

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