What are they trying to say?

Disliking rap is racist?
WHIT Power 102 FM
I can appreciate the humor, but I’m not sure I get (or like) the underlying message.



  Jesse wrote @

I think they’re trying to comment on the coded language white people often use to describe race, or things that aren’t race but are closely tied to race. Like, for example, the use of “urban” to describe the hip-hop/R&B radio genre.

  wolfger wrote @

You mean kinda like they use “country” to describe that twangy crap the rednecks listen to? I don’t think that’s “coded language”, I think that’s just form following function. Rap/hip-hop/R&B are prevalent in urban areas, and while urban areas tend to be mostly black, you’ll find white kids like that stuff too. Go out into the country and the demographic changes, but that doesn’t mean “country music” is coded language for “white music”. Or does it? Crap. I don’t know. At what point does accurately describing something (rap is urban, twangy ballads are country) become racially loaded language? That’s what I don’t like about Political correctness. It attempts to limit my use of the English language, and for no good reason (it doesn’t get rid of racism or sexism, it just sweeps it under the rug).

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