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Pharyngula has a very cool post discussing how cuttlefish (and others) camouflage themselves. Extremely interesting stuff.

Be careful what you write down

You never know who’s going to read it… even 49 years later.

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Code Monkey

You’ve heard the song (you haven’t? well go listen right now!), now play the game.

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What comes around goes around.

This month’s pet project.
How many people from across the internets can we get to do this?
…and motorize it…

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Motivational…. index card?

The genius that is Jessica Hagy lays out the differences between those who do and those who can’t.

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I ain’t fallin’ for no banana in my tailpipe!

Cuz I ain’t got no tailpipe.
Very nice, but I’d like a 4-seater with a more reasonable price tag.

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You can now access the power of Google from your phone.

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