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You idiot!

Ladies’ night doesn’t discriminate against men, ladies’ night is for men!

Why poor people are poor

Buddy, can you spare a quarter?

Airport logic

We can send young men to Iraq to spend an eternity getting shot at and dodging roadside bombs, but we can’t give them cookies?

What’s worse?

The fact that one security guard starting shooting at another over an argument?
Or the fact that he missed, 10 times?
Either way, I’m thinking I’m not hiring that security company ever again.

$450/pound coffee in Australia

I’m not telling where the dark brown color and rich aroma really come from.

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Idiotic poll

CNN has a rather idiotic poll going on right now.
Q: Which do you think is the worst case Iraq scenario?
A1: Iraq as a terror base
A2: U.S. troops there long-term
A3: Wider regional violence

There is no option for the rather obvious “all of the above”.

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Pointing out the obvious

Scott Adams points out the obvious:
People like what other people like, people like to have sex, and people think they can teach abstinence to children entering sex-having-age.
In short, people are idiots.

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